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Making history cool

(well, cooler)

A comedic web series exploring overlooked ideas, people, and events that still shape the US today

Profiled in the New York Times

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From our high tech picnic-table studio, Skipped History brings historians' work to life

Incredible, hyper-relevant stories are buried in 500-page books. We unearth and convert them into entertaining, informative videos.

Our viewers dig them, too

Thank you for that good knowledge,

unlearning, and relearning.

Max G.

This is amazing!

Thank you for sharing!

Kerri K.

I have found gold... this is the most learning I've had in years.

Mridula C.

Historical satirist and host Ben Tumin unearths the history of criminal justice, climate change, education, Charles Koch's really weird upbringing, and more

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